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EBM Solar is the union of experienced industry leading solar equipment suppliers, highly qualified electricians and experienced sales experts in the Renewables industry.

Our aim is to provide high quality reliable solar solutions that will deliver exactly what’s expected, a BIG REDUCTION OF YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL

We pride ourselves on customer service and support, both prior to and post installation.

We are on call to answer all your questions with regard to how Solar can benefit your household or business.

With being ‘green’ more important now than ever on this planet of ours, getting a self sufficient Solar System is without a doubt the best decision you can make to not only reduce your electricity bill, but help planet earth.

With our electricity retailers and distributors frequently being sold to foreign organisations, a solar solution will shield you as much as possible against constant electricity and distribution price hikes that are out of our control.

And have no illusion, electricity prices will only go one way…..up.

Electricity retailers are hell bent on one thing. Profit.

Do yourself a favour and protect yourself with a solar system.


Call us today, and help yourselves help the planet

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