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EBM Solar prides itself on designing solar solutions with world-renowned brands. It’s important you have equipment that’s on the Bloomberg Tier 1 list, and is a known reputable brand with excellent support.

Below are some of the world-renowned brands we provide.


Below are the inverters we install daily around Australia, and have very good feedback from. European inverters come standard with a 10-year warranty. The recommended crew:

(Italian made) Very reliable. One of biggest sellers
(Austrian made) The Mercedes AMG of inverters.
(German and Chinese made depending on model) The old warhorse
Excellent value for money, with a very good reputation.BEST VALUE FOR MONEY


These are the panels we recommend, both value for money and reliable output
They’re all on the Bloomberg Tier 1 list.

Important to note pretty much all panels are made in the same three factories in China. As long as they have a 25-year warranty (which all below do), they’ll do exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Standard panels nowadays are 270w. We also supply 300w panels for certain solutions, however we’ll more often recommend 270w panels due to their value for money.

Really well priced, and excellent value for money
Pretty much the industry standard (honestly a little over priced compared to it’s competitors)
Trina 300w
A well priced 300w panel for when roof space is limited. It’s the same dimensions as the 270w panels, just with more happening under the bonnet


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